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platz Professional Real-Time-Trace-Emulator

for 8051 microcontrollers

The in-circuit-emulator BICEPS-8051 for 8051 based microcontrollers is a professional real-time debugging tool.

BICEPS-8051 emulator with POD B51

BICEPS-8051 features:

  • Real-time in-circuit-emulation at full system speed
  • 512k emulation memory with banking support
  • Actual, reconfigurable FPGA technology
  • True single-chip emulation by Brendes-Softhooks™
  • Debugging:
    • Real-time program execution
    • Access to all internal and external memories and registers
    • No restrictions using memories, interrupts, UART etc.
    • Breakpoints on program and xdata memory
    • Conditional and complex break events
  • Real-time trace
    • Capacity: 128k x 96 bits
    • records program execution in real-time with time stamp
    • 32 bit real-time clock for time measurements, range 100ns .. 12h
    • Performance analysis
    • Real-time trace filter
  • External inputs for break and trace purposes
  • Adaption via processor adapters (POD), via external memory socket (universal adapter) or via pin header (debug connector)
  • USB interface
  • Software included: source level debugger BicWin, Keil µVision driver (DLL)
  • Complete package with cables and processor adapter (PLCC44)

Softhook single chip emulation

The BICEPS-8051 emulator can emulate all 80C51 compatible microcontrollers in true single chip applications without external bus - very important for the modern flash devices. Using the new Softhook™ emulation technique (patented by Brendes), which needs no bondout CPUs or debug licenses, nearly all 80C51 compatible controllers of all silicon vendors can be emulated. For some 80C51 derivates the BICEPS-8051 emulator is the only emulator supporting this devices (see list of supported controllers).

The BICEPS real-time trace memory

An important feature of the BICEPS-8051 emulator is the real time trace memory. Running at full system speed, the BICEPS-8051 records all opcodes executed by the 8051 controller.

The trace memory contents can be presented on source text or assembler level or in a mixed mode.

A special context mode shows the trace memory cursor in the source text and allows stepping forward or backward like executing single steps in two directions (see datasheet).

To increase the trace capacity, the BICEPS-8051 has a trace filter bit memory. It operates in real-time and offers the most comfortable pre-trace filter options with an unlimited number of address comparators. For example, users can decide on each function or source text line whether it is to be traced or not. This expands the trace capacity from milliseconds to seconds or minutes!

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