Brendes Datentechnik

In-circuit emulators and development tools

The in-circuit-emulator BICEPS-8051 for 8051 based microcontrollers is a professional real-time debugging tool.

BICEPS-8051 features:

  • Real-time in-circuit-emulation at full system speed
  • 512k emulation memory with banking support
  • True single-chip emulation by Brendes-Softhook technology
  • Real-time program execution with conditional and complex break events
  • Access to all internal and external memories and registers
  • 128k x 96 bits real-time trace with time stamp and performance analysis
  • External inputs for break and trace purposes
  • Adaption via processor adapters (POD)
  • Universal adaptervia external memory socket
  • USB interface
  • Software included: source level debugger BicWin, Keil microVision driver (DLL)

The in-circuit-emulator BICEPS-8051 is run out and no longer available. Please contact us if you need support for older or new projects.