Brendes Datentechnik

Phase and frequency measurement

For applications which need highest precision in measuring time or frequency, we cooperate with company K+K Messtechnik GmbH located in Braunschweig. Brendes Datentechnik is responsible for the complete PC software, mobile software and firmware of the K+K measurement devices.

K + K Messtechnik focused on developing solutions for extreme measurement accuracy requirements, such as those in

  • Measurement of atomic clocks
  • Control of frequency standards or
  • Clock generation by GPS systems

Simple time measurements can reach resolutions in the millisecond or microsecond range (10-6) and conventional precision measurements have a resolution in the ns range (10-9). But beyond this there are application with extreme resolution requirements which need to measure down to picoseconds or even femtoseconds (10-12 and better).


  • Distance measurements are usually based on signal delays of optical or electrical signals. Assuming that the signals are sent out with speed of light, conventional measuring only can reach resolutions of just 1m. With extreme precision measurements an accuracy of 0.1 mm over thousands of kilometers is possible .

  • Applications which need the exact same time in various places on the globe must synchronize their clocks very precisely. This extreme accuracy is required because the delays of the signals between the individual places can't be ignored.

Please contact us if you are looking for a measurement solution beyond conventional requirements.