Brendes Datentechnik

Handwriting recognition learning aid

The Nikolino project is based on the assumption that a positive or negative feedback of an action is an essential condition for a learning process.

During school lessons this can be done only rarely directly and individually. Therefore, a smart pen, recognizing errors and providing a feedback could give children more independence in learning. Learning could be more fun.

Nikolino features:

  • Intelligent pen recognizes what is written while writing on a normal paper
  • Nikolino signals spelling faults or errors in math calculations
  • A red light indicates an error and goes out when it is corrected sucessfully
  • Children can verify their results and are able to work on their own
  • Supports the natural kind of learning: trial and error.
  • Small, mobile device can be used everywhere

Some basics about the learning procedure of children

Do you know, why it is so hard for our kids to learn mathematics and orthography, and why it is so easy to learn walking and speaking? The key is: while walking and speaking children get a feedback as soon as it has made a mistake: suddenly it stumbles and falls (and stands up again), or its words are not understood and it is corrected.

Writing is another task: a child isn't able to recognize, whether it has written something right or wrong. If there is no adult to help, the error remains on the paper and -in worst case- is stored in the child's memory. And when the error is corrected later (after hours, next day, after some days), the help comes too late from the learning psychological point of view.

Walking and speaking is learned by your child on its own, because it can try, recognize and adjust errors. Spelling and mathematics have to be taught by adults.But you know: learning by oneself is less stressing - for the children and for the adults.

A new approach

A new approach is the Nikolino pen. For the first time children have the possibility to overcome this basical disadavantage of school learning now. During the writing procedure a Nikolino pen recognizes what is written on the paper and whether it is right or wrong. This is true for the orthography and for mathematical calculations. If something is wrong, an error signal is given by a small red light. After correction the light goes out.

Now something will happen which is completely new for the child: it can find its own way to handle its errors. Let it make its own trials with its Nikolino pen. Suddenly errors are no longer something before you have to fear, but they are a valuable part of the learning process. After more or less cycles of writing and correcting itself, your child will store the correct spelling. Already thinking twice at the right moment will be enough to learn and to avoid making the same mistake again.

A Nikolino pen supports a good handwriting, because there is a silent agreement between the child and its Nikolino : "You are writing properly and in return I will help you with the errors"